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The Founding Partners

Jenny Smith (now retired) and Martin Strube established (among other things) the very first Regional Co-operative Council in the UK. Since superseded by regional variations, its original purpose was to mirror the European Regions and the then Labour commitment to Regional Government.

They have been active in the co-operative movement since the early 1980s. Their continuing involvement is based on a deep understanding of the history of the movement and the integrity which underlies every aspect of the co-operative economy.


Mission Statement

The partners at Co-operative Solutions are committed to a world where dignity in the workplace and democracy in corporate decision-making are the rule rather than the exception.

The vision extends globally. In keeping with the principles of the co-operative movement, Co-operative Solutions endeavours to provide parity for co-operators throughout the world.

Co-operative Solutions acknowledges that education is the corner stone of of a successful democracy and of a successful co-operative economy.

Co-operative Solutions acknowledges that global poverty is a problem more of distribution than of limited resources.