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Co-operative Solutions occasionally produce lectures and presentations for community, business, and academic settings.  A few of the more recent ones are listed here.

Why do we seek to co-operate?        10 minutes plus Q & A

Pop Economics - an introduction to economics        30 minutes plus Q & A

Fractional Reserve Banking - how debt is created     30 minutes plus Q & A

The Democracy Audit

This is a method of assessing the quality of an organisation's democracy. It is an independent audit by ourselves as contracted outside observers intended to “measure” the state of an organisation’s internal democracy.  

Many democratic organisations such as voluntary bodies, trade unions, or co-operative societies may be democratic in the sense that this was always the intention and is still the assumed norm.  However, a scratch at the surface may illustrate that all is not quite as it should be from a democratic perspective.  Organisations often lapse into customs and practice which may save time or appear simpler but in fact slowly diverge from the democratic intent of founders or independent reviewers.  

Assessing democracy - performing a "democracy audit" - is not practised in the UK.  Occasionally organisations may revisit their principles and their constitutions in order to update them in line with current thinking or modern practices, but rarely do they set out to qualitatively assess the extent to which they may or may not be functioning in an objectively observed democratic way.  


 For Introduction & Guidelines, click here.